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Table of Contents



Boston Harbor

1.1 Deer Island

1.2 Griffin Wharf

1.3 Rainsford Island Hospital

1.4 Central Wharf/James and Thomas H. Perkins and Company

1.5 Long Wharf/Boston Fruit Company

1.6 Fort Strong, Long Island

1.7 Nixes Mate Shawmut Peninsula

Downtown Boston

1.8 The Boston Common

1.9 Anne Hutchinson House Site

1.10 Odeon Theatre

1.11 Liberty Square

1.12 Marlboro Hotel and Chapel

1.13 Boston Court House

1.14 American House/John F. Kennedy Federal Building

 1.15 John P. Jewett and Company

1.16 Daily Evening Voice

1.17 Exchange Place/Boston Bellamy Club/Immigration Restriction League

1.18 Faneuil Hall

 1.19 Dewey Square

1.20 The Parker House

1.21 United Fruit Company

1.22 Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company/The Vault

1.23 Gay Community News

The North End and the West End

1.24 Onesimus-Mather House

1.25 Cooper Street Armory

1.26 Parmenter Street Chapel

1.27 Great Molasses Flood Site

1.28 The West End Museum

Beacon Hill

1.29 James Bowdoin Home Site

1.30 David Walker Home

1.31 Abiel Smith School/Museum of African American History

1.32 Julia Ward Howe Residence

1.33 Henry Cabot Lodge House

Chinatown/The South Cove

1.34 Denison House

1.35 1903 Immigration Raid Site

1.36 New England Telephone Company Exchange/Verizon Building

1.37 The Common Cupboard

1.38 The Naked i

1.39 The Metropolitan/Parcel C

South End

1.40 Tent City

1.41 Haley House

1.42 Cathedral of the Holy Cross

1.43 South End Press

1.44 Villa Victoria Center for the Arts

1.45 Blackstone Square

The Back Bay and the Fenway

1.46 The Newbry

1.47 Armory of the First Corps of Cadets/The Castle

1.48 The Youth’s Companion Building

1.49 The Rat

1.50 Fenway Park

1.51 Marian Hall, Emmanuel College/Boston Women’s Health Book Collective

1.52 Symphony Road Community Garden

1.53 College of Public and Community Service, UMass Boston

1.54 Massachusetts Competitive Partnership



2.1 Charlestown Navy Yard

2.2 City Square Park

2.3 Charlestown High School football field

East Boston

2.4 Maverick Square

2.5 The East Boston Immigration Station/Navy Fuel Pier Airport Edge Buffer

2.6 Boston Logan International Airport

2.7 Lewis Family Home

2.8 Neptune Road Edge Buffer Park

2.9 Suffolk Downs

South Boston

2.10 L Street Bathhouse/BCYF Curley Community Center

2.11 Police Station 6/Patriot Homes

2.12 South Boston High School/Excel High School

2.13 South Boston District Courthouse

2.14 South Boston Heights Academy

2.15 Carson Beach

2.16 South Boston Residents for Peace/Tony Flaherty Home

2.17 Seaport Common

Roxbury and Mission Hill

2.18 Saint Cyprian’s Episcopal Church and Toussaint L’Ouverture Hall

2.19 Franklin Lynch Peoples’ Free Health Center

2.20 Saint Mark’s Social Center

2.21 Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

2.22 Mission Main

Dorchester, Mattapan, and Hyde Park

2.23 Camp Meigs Playground

2.24 The William Monroe Trotter House

2.25 James Reeb House

2.26 Christopher Gibson School

2.27 Boston Welfare Department, Grove Hall Office/Mother Caroline Academy and Education Center

2.28 Temple Beth Hillel

2.29 Laura Ann Ewing Home/Columbia Point Housing Project

2.30 Columbia Point Health Center/Geiger-Gibson Health Center

2.31 US Armed Forces Recruiting Station and Dorchester District Courthouse

2.32 The Boston Globe Headquarters

2.33 Combahee River Collective

2.34 State Temple Church of God in Christ

Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, and West Roxbury

2.35 Brook Farm

2.36 Theodore Parker Unitarian Universalist Church

2.37 Science for the People/Helen Keller Collective

2.38 Southwest Corridor Park

2.39 City Life/Vida Urbana

2.40 Bikes Not Bombs (The Shop)

2.41 William A. Hinton State Laboratory Institute

Allston and Brighton

2.42 Nonantum

2.43 Noah Worcester House

2.44 Barry’s Corner

2.45 Saint John’s Seminary

2.46 Power-One Corporation Factory Site

2.47 Binland Lee House


Cambridge and Somerville

3.1 Ten Hills Farm

3.2 Harvard Indian College/Matthew Hall

3.3 Elmwood

3.4 Ursuline Convent

3.5 Riverside Cycling Club

3.6 Old Mole/The Middle East and Zuzu Restaurant and Nightclub

3.7 Polaroid/Tech Square

3.8 888/The Women’s Center

3.9 Sojourner: The Women’s Forum

3.10 Dollars & Sense

3.11 Old Cambridge Baptist Church

3.12 Food Not Bombs

3.13 The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

3.14 Ray and Maria Stata Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3.15 Harvard Square Public Toilet

Chelsea and Everett

3.16 Chelsea Naval Hospital

3.17 Labor Lyceum

3.18 Chelsea Salt Terminal

3.19 Exxon Mobil Everett Terminal



4.1 Wamesit

4.2 Saint Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church/UTEC

4.3 The Voice of Industry and Middlesex Standard

4.4 Saint Patrick Church

4.5 Socialist Hall


4.6 Lawrence Experiment Station/Ferrous Site Park

4.7 American Woolen Company

4.8 Franco-Belgian Hall

4.9 North Lawrence Railroad Station

4.10 Jonas Smolskas House

4.11 The Arlington Mills

4.12 Schaake’s Block

4.13 The Essex Company Headquarters Compound/Lawrence History Center

4.14 Bread and Roses Housing

4.15 1984 Riot Epicenter


4.16 Grand Army of the Republic Park

4.17 Old Haverhill City Hall


4.18 William Lloyd Garrison House

4.19 Caleb Cushing Homes


4.20 East India Marine Hall/Peabody Essex Museum

4.21 Lyceum Hall

4.22 Pequot Mill/Shetland Industrial Park

4.23 Proctor’s Ledge

4.24 The Derby House

4.25 North Shore Community Development Coalition/Punto Urban Art Museum


4.26 Town Hall

4.27 Kimball and Butterfield/The Awl

4.28 Frederick Douglass House

4.29 High Rock Tower Reservation

4.30 Lyceum Hall

4.31 River Works/General Electric

4.32 Lynn Woods Reservation



5.1 Walter E. Fernald State School

5.2 Raytheon Corporate Headquarters


5.3 The Robbins House

5.4 Brister’s Hill

5.5 Concord Jail

5.6 MCI-Concord/ The Concord Reformatory

Plymouth and the South Shore

5.7 Cole’s Hill

5.8 Old Country House/1749 Court House

5.9 Plimoth Plantation

5.10 Maypole Hill Park

5.11 Wessagusset Memorial Garden


Native Greater Boston Tour

Malcolm and Martin Tour

Sacco and Vanzetti Tour

Bread and Roses and More Tour

The One Percent of Greater Boston Tour

The Nature of Greater Boston Tour





List of Maps

1. Greater Boston

2. Waters of Boston

3. City of Boston Neighborhoods

4. Shawmut Peninsula, South End, Back Bay, and the Fenway

5. Native Greater Boston Tour

6. Malcolm and Martin Tour

7. Sacco and Vanzetti Tour

8. Bread and Roses and More Tour

9. The One Percent of Greater Boston Tour

10. The Nature of Greater Boston Tour

11. MBTA Subway and Commuter Rail System